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AERIE Performance

Short Shift Adaptor

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$159.00 USD

Reduce Lotus Exige & Evora manual shift throw by 30% between gears without replacing or drilling your shifter rod, a in a short and snappy shift between gears.

Aerie performance’s short shift adaptors made from high strength CNC machined 7075 T6 aluminum with true engineered designs and depart with time consuming testing on the track inspired by following the motorsports and rally experience .,which can stand with the toughest environment.

Will fitment all Lotus V6s including Exige, Evora or those with the new exposed shifter. The kit also comes with the rose joint rob ends for the shift cable and cross gate cable to replace the original rubber ends which improves the shifting feel even further.

 Short shift Adaptor kit contains:
- Short shift adaptor
- M6 Rod ends (For shift cable)
- M8 Rod ends (For crossgate cable)
- Retaining pin
- Stainless steel retaining wire