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Lotus Exige Evora motorsports headers by GT Australia

Lotus Exige Evora motorsports headers by GT Australia

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The GT Australia motorsports headers are an authentic, engineered design that underwent comprehensive testing with countless hours of efforts on FIA grade A race tracks.  The headers even used on the prestigious Macau Grand Prix with successful winner track record.

These headers are ideal for both high-performance street and track/race conditions, making them the ultimate choice for any racing enthusiast.

The unique stainless motorsports headers are a critical component in guaranteeing a massive increase in torque and peak horsepower, with perfect throttle response. They provide a power increase of 21.7 horsepower at 6585 rpm and a torque gain of 9.71 Nm at 2,871 rpm. The system does not require remapping of the ECU and is intended for use on racetracks.

When installed on a Lotus Exige 410sport stock vehicle, along with the Australia GT Motorsports Header, Y-pipe 200cal sports cat, and Titanium exhaust systems, the headers resulted in a torque gain of 9.71 Nm, a wheel horsepower gain of 16.13, and a horsepower gain of 21.7. The weight of each header is 2.15 kg, totaling 4.3 kg, compared to the OEM weight of 3.71 kg per header.


The package includes:

- A set of motorsport headers consisting of Band 1 and Band 2
- Two O2 oxygen sensor adapters to prevent engine light issues
- An oxygen sensor extension cable
- A gaskets and fittings kit for connecting the header to the y-pipe



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