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Lotus Exige Evora motorsports headers by GT Australia

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$1,499.00 USD

GT Australia motorsports header were an authentic engineered design comprehensively tested with countless hours of efforts on FIA grade A race track and used on the Macau Grand Prix thrives in for both high-performance street and track/race conditions .

the unique stainless motorsports headers are the critical component in guaranteeing a massive increase in TORQUE and peak HP with perfect throttle response and providing a power increase of 21.7hp at 6585 rpm and a torque gain of 9.71 Nm at 2,871 rpm. And the system doesn’t require for the remapping ECU and is intended for use on racetracks.

Lotus Exige 410sport Stock Vehicle with Australia GT Motorsports Header , Y-pipe 200cal sports cat and 
Titanium exhaust systems

+Torque 9.71nm

+WHP 16.13 Power Measurement on wheels

+HP 21.7 horsepower

Weight : 2.15kg x2= 4.3kg/ Oem: 3.71 kg x 2= 6.34

Threaded bung for oxygen sensor provided