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AERIE Performance

Lotus Ultra-Light Alloy Forged Wheels by Aerie Performance

Lotus Ultra-Light Alloy Forged Wheels by Aerie Performance

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Introducing Aerie Performant's Ultra-Light Forged Alloy Wheels, a revolutionary design specifically engineered to enhance the appearance and performance of your Lotus Emira, Electric, Evora, Exige S3 V6 , S2, and Elise S2, S3 .These cutting-edge wheels feature a sleek 10-spoke design, contributing to their lightweight construction and overall aesthetic appeal. Now available exclusively in satin black, gold, silver, gunmetal grey, and candy red, these wheels are sure to make a bold statement.

Crafted with meticulous precision and unwavering commitment to quality, these alloy forged wheels have achieved JWL VIA certification, ensuring their compliance with rigorous safety standards. You can have peace of mind knowing that these wheels are not only visually striking but also provide a high level of safety for your vehicle. With their OEM fitment and hassle-free installation, no spacers are required, making the upgrade process seamless and convenient. Each set includes two front wheels and two rear wheels, providing a complete solution for your Lotus.

Here are the specific wheel dimensions for different Lotus models:

Exige S3 V6:

- Front: 8J x 17 ET26
- Rear: 10J x 18 ET32
- PCD:
- Front: 5x110
- Rear: 5x114.3

Evora (all models):
- Front: 8J x 19 ET55
- Rear: 10.5J x 20 ET69
- PCD: 5x114.3

Emira V6 and AMG 2.0T:
- Front: 8.5J x 20 ET57
- Rear: 10.5J x 20 ET54
- PCD: 5x114.3

- Front: 9J x 22 ET33
- Rear: 11J x 22 ET48
- PCD: 5x108

Aerie Performant's design philosophy centers around lightweight functionality and track optimization. With this in mind, we have incorporated aggressive design elements, paying close attention to spoke intersections and the outer lip surface. The result is a visually dynamic wheel that not only enhances the aesthetics of your Lotus vehicle but also improves driving dynamics.

In addition to their exceptional performance qualities, Aerie Performant ensures certified safety. The JWL VIA certification guarantees that these wheels have undergone independent testing and meet the technical standards set by the Vehicle Inspection Association of Japan. Look for the special permanent mark on the face of the wheel as a testament to its compliance.

Upgrade your Lotus with Aerie Performant's Ultra-Light Forged Alloy Wheels and experience the perfect blend of style and performance. Elevate your driving experience to new heights with these exceptional wheels.


For require any custom colors , width and offset dimensions  please email or what-app for future enquiry. 

Price come with front X2 and rear x2 a full set of forged wheels 

Please note that due to their size, these wheels require shipment via larger freight services. To obtain a shipping quote, kindly reach out to us via email or WhatsApp.

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