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Lotus Exige V6 Forged Wheels HP Silver

Lotus Exige V6 Forged Wheels HP Silver

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We started with the same philosophy of combining purposeful lightweight design with track-focused optimization, but took that to the next level by introducing additional aggressive design features. To create a more dynamic design language on AERIE particular attention was given to spoke intersection points and the outer lip surface. Scratching the surface of the 430 Cup's capabilities, AERIE is specifically designed to improve aesthetics and driving dynamics on the latest V6 Lotus cars. 

AERIE performance quality also means certified safety. Some countries have developed strict disciplinary standards to determine the requirements for products installed on automotive vehicles and for the production processes used to make them.

JWL VIA is a wheel certification that has been independently tested and registered by the Vehicle Inspection Association of Japan. A special permanent mark on the face of the wheel indicates that it complies with the technical standards set forth in the Japanese VIA regulations.

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Custom Wheels Refund Policy

All custom wheels are custom made with colour and size, NO REFUND AVAILABLE.


1 on 1 replacement is available but apply under the following conditions:

  1. Any accidental, misuse or intentional damages causing malfunction.
  2. Unauthorized repairing or modification done to the product.




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