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AERIE Performance

Lotus Exige CUP380/430 Rear Aero Blades (OEM Moulded New Vesion)

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$465.00 USD
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$465.00 USD

-The latest OEM moulded Cup380/430 carbon fiber aero-blade-

Consist of high density (TORAY Japan) pre-preg high strength carbon fibre with autoclaved composite reinforce manufacturing process.

Strength, appearance and weight are well superior over OEM weighting at 390grams each.

Aero blades are fitted either side of the revised rear diffuser in conjunction with cutout sections within the rear panels. All these features operate together to provide additional down force over that which the body generates.

The new OEM moulded carbon fibre aero blades are come with left + right side and the fitting kit for installation.

Fits for Lotus Exgie MY2013-2022 V6, Rosters, 350 sport, 410 sports, 390 Finial Edition, 420 Finial Edition & CUP430 Finial Edition. 
V6 CUP CUP360/380/430 & CUP R