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AERIE Performance

Lotus Exige CUP 430 Carbon Fiber Rear Wings

Lotus Exige CUP 430 Carbon Fiber Rear Wings

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Colour aluminium upright

Scratch the surface of the Cup’s capabilities, and you’ll find its motorsport-derived credentials from the comprehensive range of new aero elements motorsports wings to increase downforce without impacting upon the car’s overall drag coefficient; it added to the exige accomplishing a downforce of 200kg at the max speed of 281 kph, which is a critical number thinking about that the actual vehicle weighs around 1,050 kgs.

Aerie performance’s OEM moulded version CUP430 rear wings intense use of ultra-lightweight (TORAY japan) carbon fibre optic with pre-preg autoclaved composite reinforces physical presence's weight. 

Unlikely Lotus components materials on their endplates, we upgraded the product to high-quality carbon fibre optic to reinforce the production serious to supercars levels.

As well as the carbon fibre wings, the kit includes CNC lightweight and more substantial billet aluminium uprights and brackets utilising the mounting openings used for the OEM wing. The establishment is hence fundamental, and no extra adjustment is required.  Plug and play install. 

Aerie performance’s Cup430 carbon fiber rear wings which offers you exactly 100% same look as the Lotus OEM rear wings but is available at a fraction of the price.

Components: and Material:

TORAY japan 2x2 Twill weave carbon fibre optic with pre-preg autoclaved composite

OEM moulded CUP430 carbon fibre rear wing

chord: 300mm x Width: 1300mm

Carbon fibre endplates 316mm LH & RH

AL6061-T6 CNC machined lightweight billet aluminium alloy upright, brackets and fixing kind  with colour-anodised

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