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Lotus Exige CUP430 Carbon Fibre Front Splitter

Lotus Exige CUP430 Carbon Fibre Front Splitter

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The Cup430 carbon fibre front splitter is a very effective aerodynamic enhancement for the Exige which can considerably increase front downforce and reduce drag by smoothing the airflow around and under your front splitter. Aerie performance’s Cup430 carbon fibre front splitter which offers you exactly 100% same look as the Lotus OEM front splitter but is available at a fraction of the price.

We special designed twos fitment version :

V1. EXIGE V6, 350Sport, CUP360, CUP380 (MY 2013-2017) 

V2.Exige 410sport, Cup430, 390FE, 420FE & CUP430FE (MY2018-2021)


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