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Lotus Evora GT, 400, 410 Titanium Performance Exhaust Systems by GT Australia

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The GT Australia Evora full titanium performance exhaust system allows for a substantial reduction of the heat soak, which guarantees a consistently high level of performance, also provides an enhancement of the supercars sound experience.

Constructed from high-grade, lightweight titanium, the Slip-On Line (Titanium) is more than 60% lighter and 10kg saved over than the stock OEM exhaust weighting only 5.8kg including titanium exhaust with valve control, de-cat down pipe and titanium end tips.

These weight reduction measures provide optimal power to weight ratio , plus the unique stainless motorsports headers are the critical component in guaranteeing a massive increase in TORQUE and peak HP with perfect throttle response and providing a power increase of 21.7hp at 6585 rpm and a torque gain of 9.71 Nm at 2,871 rpm. And the system doesn’t require for the remapping ECU and is intended for use on racetracks.

A dyno test measures the torque and power in Lotus Exige 2GR engine 410 Sport stock standard vehicle fitted GT titanium performance exhaust systems, titanium sport cat, y-pipe and header to read that indicates amount of the power increases.


+Torque 9.71nm

+ WHP 16.13 Power Measurement on wheels

+ horsepower 21.7+HP


The GT Australia Titanium Exhaust Package Includes  

1.GT Australia full titanium exhaust with valve control 

2. titanium de-cat down pipe 

3. titanium  double end-tap (adjustable)





CAUTION: We do not support parallel exports to Australia. For Australian customers to purchase, please visit the manufacturer website