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Lotus Evora GT, 400, 410 Titanium Performance Exhaust Systems by GT Australia

Lotus Evora GT, 400, 410 Titanium Performance Exhaust Systems by GT Australia

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Are you looking for a way to improve your lotus evora vehicle's performance and sound experience? Introducing the GT Australia Performance Exhaust System!


Constructed from high-grade, lightweight titanium, our Slip-On Line (Titanium) is more than 60% lighter and saves 10kg compared to the stock OEM exhaust, weighing only 5.8kg including the titanium exhaust with valve control, titanium de-cat downpipe, and titanium end tips.


These weight reduction measures provide an optimal power to weight ratio and the unique stainless motorsports headers are the critical component in guaranteeing a massive increase in torque and peak horsepower. Our exhaust system has been tested to provide a power increase of 21.7hp at 6585 rpm and a torque gain of 9.71 Nm at 2,871 rpm, with perfect throttle response.


Best of all, this exhaust system does not require remapping of the ECU and is intended for use on racetracks. A dyno test was conducted on a Lotus Exige 410 Sport stock standard vehicle fitted with our titanium performance exhaust system, and the results speak for themselves.


Upgrade your vehicle today with GT Australia's Titanium Exhaust System and experience the difference in performance and sound!

+Torque 9.71nm

+ WHP 16.13 Power Measurement on wheels

+ horsepower 21.7+HP


The GT Australia Titanium Exhaust Package Includes  

1.GT Australia full titanium exhaust with valve control 

2. titanium de-cat down pipe 

3. titanium  double end-tap (adjustable)





CAUTION: We do not support parallel exports to Australia. For Australian customers to purchase, please visit the manufacturer website


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