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Lotus Exige V6 V Weave Carbon Fibre Double Side Hardtop

Lotus Exige V6 V Weave Carbon Fibre Double Side Hardtop

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When it comes to purchasing carbon fiber parts, it's important to prioritize lightweight options over those that incorporate half-carbon features, which can end up being heavier than the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts.

Introducing Aerie Performance's motorsports-grade double-side herringbone V weave carbon fiber hardtop. This hardtop is meticulously crafted using high-impact and shatter-resistant PRE-PREG carbon fiber materials, reinforced with autoclave-cured composites. Not only does it bear a striking resemblance to the OEM carbon fiber hardtop with its herringbone patterns, but it also weighs a mere 4.3 kg, making it 7 kg lighter than the 11 kg factory OEM hardtop.

This carbon fiber hardtop is designed with full OEM specifications, allowing for seamless re-fitting of all the undersides reinforcement panels from the original hardtop and our carbon fiber hardtop is come with windows rubber seal kit for plug and play install . With our product, you can enjoy the benefits of a lightweight construction without compromising on the compatibility and design of your vehicle.

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