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Lotus Exige Cup 380 Carbon Fibre Canards (OEM moulded version)

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Our new CUP380 lightweight carbon fibre canards for 350 sport are OEM moulded version, straight fit on the front clamshell and no adjustment is needed.


The canards mounted forward of the front wheels help generate downforce in two different ways.

by the oncoming air’s momentum upwards, producing a downward force on the canard. This downforce is only moderate, since the velocity near the skin is significantly slower than in the free stream because of boundary layer effect

Generating strong vortices that travel along the vehicle sides to act as a barrier. These strong vortices act to keep high-pressure air around the car from entering the low-pressure under body region, so increasing downforce.


Fitment for MY 2013-2018

Exige V6 350 Sports to CUP380 front clamshell