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Lotus Exige CUP430 Carbon Fibre Side Scoops (NEW VERSION)

Lotus Exige CUP430 Carbon Fibre Side Scoops (NEW VERSION)

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Subject: Upgrade Your Exige V6 with CUP430 95cm Wide Type Side Scoop

Dear Lotus Exige V6 Owners,

We are excited to announce the release of our new CUP430 95cm wide type side scoop with double-side carbon fibre designs. This ultra-lightweight, full carbon fibre side scoop will take your engine to a whole new level of performance and style.

The inside scoop intake vent is finished with a smooth gloss carbon fibre composite and the installation is a breeze, taking only 20 minutes each with no need for cutting work or drilling holes on the clamshell. The plug and play design ensures an OEM perfect fitment.

The wider radiator twill weaver carbon fibre intake apertures help reduce intake air temperature whilst operating at higher pressures than standard, resulting in a higher and more consistent power output. No longer will you have to worry about your Lotus V6 engine overheating when pushing it to the limit.

Upgrade your Exige V6 today with the CUP430 95cm Wide Type Side Scoop and experience the difference in performance and style!




Side Scoop Plug and Play installation from jasonf on Vimeo.

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