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AERIE Performance

Emira carbon fibre diffuser extension by Aerie Performance

Emira carbon fibre diffuser extension by Aerie Performance

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Introducing the Aerie Performance Carbon Fiber Diffuser Extension, an exceptional aerodynamics package exclusively designed for the Lotus Emira. This set of four Emira diffuser extensions enhances the Emira's appearance with an aggressive and stylish touch.

We meticulously select ultra-lightweight carbon fiber optic materials from TORAY Japan, ensuring a construction that is both lightweight and incredibly robust. The use of pre-preg autoclaved composite further reinforces the rear wing's physical presence, contributing to its overall strength.

We recognize the significance of personalization, which is why we provide a range of customization options to suit your preferences. You can choose between twill weave carbon fiber and forged carbon fiber, each offering distinct visual characteristics. Additionally, we offer both gloss and matte finish options, enabling you to tailor the aesthetics to your unique style.

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